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Openair Frauenfeld

Juli 16, 2016

You probably wouldn’t think that I’m a “hip hop chick” but believe me, I totally am, lol! Seriously, I love rapping, even though I’m not good at it AT ALL haha, but anyway I like it, I love new hip hop, as well as old school. So, no way my hip hop chicks – Gani & Jeti – and I would have missed Europe’s biggest hip hop festival, the Openair Frauenfeld.



Ohhh, how excited I was to see Ty Dolla $ign. We were so excited, when we got to the stage one hour ahead of time and saw that we actually could be in the front row (or second row actually). I had never done that before and believe me there is no way in hell I will EVER do this again. I had a perfect sight at Ty but sometimes I thought I was gonna die, haha. Well I am laughing now, but I mean it when I say that from time to time it was not really fun. Seriously, people went CRAZY! Everybody was drunk or high af, and they pushed so hard, I could barely breathe. I was wearing a hat, which was flat after the show and my sister’s sunglasses broke, she even lost her head chain and obviously, the three of us lost sight of each other. Ty was good, but he didn’t sing/rap everything live, which was kind of disappointing. Maybe I just was upset because of the people who were jumping towards us – or probably I’m just too old for this haha. Well, I am not sure how people can think it’s fun to be pushed around, jumped on etc. etc. but again, maybe it’s just a different situation. Speaking of jumping – Ty jumped into the crowd – twice. I took a little video, sorry about the bad quality, but everybody was hopping around. After Ty’s show, we watched Bryson Tiller. I loved him so much, such a good voice, and he seemed so nice. He’s only 23 but he’s awesome, so talented and humble. The next acts were Future, Major Lazer, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Great :). Macklemore, I have no words lol… just really really talented.

About the look: My outfit was all black, the most comfortable denim shorts…maybe it’s because they’re kind of big, but anyway, I matched a b-low inspired belt to make them fit :).






Just FYI, we went home and didn’t stay overnight sleeping in a tent – boring I know. But, it’s only a 35 min drive home, so we decided to sleep in our comfortable beds. My highlight of this evening was definitely J. Cole, I adore this man. I feel like he’s so talented and seems so nice too. I saw him last year on his show in Zurich so I already knew he was going to be amazing. Unfortunately, the sound system was not really working, so from time to time we could barely hear him, which was a little disappointing. 50 Cent rocked as well. He’s got songs everyone knows, so that’s why the crowd was huge at his show. Anyway live, he isn’t the best rapper, but he’s ability to make the crowd go loooocoo (lol) is great :-). Also we watched Kevin Gates’ and A$AP Ferg’s show. I gotta admit I would have been happier if A$AP Rocky was there, lol.

About the look: All I can say is flower-power, hehe. Loved this jumpsuit, so summery and comfortable. I wore a bikini underneath, because of the deep V-neck. I combined it with sneakers, but you easily may wear boots to this look, which I was going to wear at first, but then changed my mind, because sneakers are simply more comfortable :-). To give that look even more of a festival touch I put some face jewelry between my eyebrows, as I didn’t wear other jewelry – ah I wore a single feather earring :-).













Day III:

Day three, huch, we were not even sure if we should go to the last day of the openair. I even went sunbathing during the day, because I thought we were not going. I think we had some doubts because Wiz Khalifa was the only act that we wanted to see and he was performing so late. But then my sister and bf called me, I should get ready real quick, we’re going to the festival – well alright, why not, lol. So I quickly changed into a white overall, boots and my military-like jacked, which has a lot of pads, to give that look a little more of a “undone” kind of touch, so that the outfit isn’t just “cute” given that the overall was flouncy. We are so happy we went!! Wiz Khalifa rooocked the entire field. He’s amazing, seriously! He was rapping everything live, without any background voices. I liked him before the show, but since then, I actually love him. How he can sing and rap and entertain! WOW, just amazed by the show.





Xx S



Shorts: Topshop

Top: H&M

Cardigan: H&M

Jacket: Pull & Bear

Bag: Miu Miu

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Belt: H&M

Hat: H&M

Arm Cuff: Primark

Necklaces & Chocker: Pull & Bear



Jumpsuit: Forever21

Denim Jacket: Levis

Sneakers: Adidas, Stan Smith

Bag: Miu Miu

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Feather Earring & Face Jewelry: Primark / Berschka



Jumpsuit: H&M

Boots: Ochsner Shoes

Jacket: Pull & Bear

Bag: Miu Miu

Sunglasses: Ray Ban


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  • Sarmistha Goswami Juli 16, 2016 at 10:03 am

    All your outfits are so edgy yet cute, I am in love with your style sense! My favorites are the floral romper and the black Bardot top. Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well : 🙂