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2k15 – Throwbacks

Januar 5, 2016

Welcome to 2016 my dears, hope you’re enjoying this year so far!

I’ve only been blogging for 4 months now, so I don’t have much to recap for 2015, but anyway I wanted to do a quick summary of my outfits – I’m sorry about the quality on the pictures earlier 2015, but since I wasn’t actively blogging back than most pictures were typically taken with my iPhone, so pls don’t judge :-).


1st Quarter – Fresh Start with Céline

Since January is actually my studying month – who else loves mid-terms? – not much really happens during that month, it’s mostly really studying studying and surprise, some more studying. In fact I needed a distraction from my books, so my sister and I went to Trois Pommes and both of us got a Céline bag, a purchase which was not planned at all, like seriously at all! I even called my mother to ask for her opinion, lol. But despite my wish for her to be calling me crazy and I should get out of that store immediately, she actually persuaded me to actually buy that really, really lovely and must have python leather little black shoulder bag with a golden hanger – as you can probably tell by know, I absolutely love it.

In February I spent my valentine’s day with my girls, watching shades of grey, lol. Also, my best friend decided to act as my Valentine and sent me a little package to my office with a really cute shirt inside.


In March I went to the Tinashe concert in Zurich, acting like teenagers, my best friend and I found a space in the first row, but mostly because the location was rather small. She was really good, such a power woman. BTW this selfie with the jeans-shirt was my first selfie on the snapchat camera lol. Basically I started to snap here à anda_r (actually my niece opened my snapchat account, she’s 16 so she knew better about this stuff than I did – lol). I already loved the layering look back then, if you check out the picture in the camel coat.


2nd Quarter – It’s all about the food festivals

It was already pretty warm outside back in April, that’s why I went out a lot more than in the first quarter of the year. All I did was going for a drink or for some happy hour, going to the movies and to concerts with my girls, almost every day after work something was up. Part of that was going to see J. Cole in concert, we had a day trip to the city of St. Gallen to enjoy some quality time with my two best cousins Ilirida & Elita, so with my sister, all four of us were reunited. Another event I attended were the Zurich street food festivals – if you are wondering, yes plural, we had more than one street food festival this year – this is what I call heaven lol.


In May I attended the NRJ Fashion Night in Zurich. For that I wore a (little risky to be honest) transparent shirt with wide leather-pants and a huge grey hat. In May there were also some more street food festivals, that I attended, I mean this is perfect for me and my friends – we love food – a lot, lol.


In June I had my end of semester exams again, so I was studying but it was my birthday-month as well. So, for my birthday during daytime I wore a casual look, jeans-shorts simply combined with a white shirt and later on I put on some leather-shorts with a white shoulder-less top. I didn’t really want to celebrate, because I didn’t have time to organize anything special. But my sister Gani and my best friends Jeti and Marina surprised me with a dinner in my favourite restaurant and drinks afterwards. When I woke up in the morning, my sister surprised me with some quotes (actually lyrics from our favourite songs) all over our apartment, and everywhere were small gifts, I loved it, and I even teared up, which I usually don’t do – like really, I just don’t cry lol.






3rd Quarter – Hello Chanel and the beginning of a new era

In July Gani, Jeti and I headed to Paris. Gani’s and my mission – to get a Chanel – Mission accomplished, lol. We had such a great time, and actually this is what my first post on my blog was about. So, this is where it all began. Later in July I was in Struga, Macedonia, back to the roots. I spent two weeks with my beloved ones at the lake of Ohrid and attended my cousins wedding.








In August I went to the Zurich Streetparade, which takes place once a year, typically in August. What an event, I am telling you – if you would like to see some crazy dressed up people, don’t miss this event. August is also a month I like to spend a lot of time at the lake of Zurich and enjoying the nice summer weather. This was also the month I was invited to my first event as a blogger. I was so happy about that invitation, given that I had just started the Blog at that point. My sister started to take pictures of my outfits and I started the blog, mostly because many people – who knew me or followed me on Instagram or snapchat asked me whether I had a fashion blog  :-). After that I got more invitations, for example to Lipton’s #bemoretea festival.





In September my sister and I went for a beach vacation to Antalya, Turkey to enjoy the sun one more time. I have to admit that I was positively surprised by the city, mostly by the old city, it was so cute!




4th Quarter – How about some wine and cheese?

The last quarter in 2015 I was actually quite busy with school and work. I attended some events, like the Mode Suisse and did more posts on my blog.



I went to the „Oktoberfest“, too bad not to the real one in Munich, only to the Zurich-one, but it was so much fun. I also attended some Swarovski events. In November for example I joined the new collection presentation, with the motto „ocean chick“ and the opening of the Swarovski x-mas tree at Zurich main station, it was also the opening of one of the Zurich Christmas markets.




This X-Mas season is always so busy, but I love it! I love cheese – fondue, raclette, I love them all. A lot of my evenings I spent at the Christmas market at Bellevue drinking some mulled-wine with my friends. This December I was also filming for a Project, which continuous in January, sadly I’m not allowed to tell you all about it yet. But stay tuned 🙂 But it was the first time I did something like that. It was fun :-).






Again, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures at the beginning :-). I’d like to thank you for your support so far. A special thank you as well to my sister Gani, who supports me with my blog!


Much love.



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